Importance of Web Design

What is a web? This is a client- server computer program which a client runs in a web browser. A web can either be an application or an app. Examples of web application include the webmail, online retail sales and online auctions. A web design encompasses different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design and interface design including authoring. Example of a web design is the DC web design company. A web design is developed by web designers. A web designer is a professional who specializes in website design and mobile design.

DC web design is a major web design found in Washington. The web design was developed due to embracement of technology by this town. Advancement in technology has led to many businesses, firms and corporations to use it to carry out their functions. They may use technology to spread information, market their products to gain market share and position and produce products. Web design plays a major part in this by creating a platform to carry organization's function of marketing, spreading of information and production of products.

Web design being an online platform provides for online platform for businesses and firms to improve themselves. They do this by providing skills and disciplines to maintain websites which are used by these firms. This web design vary from one website to another. Websites differ in the function for which they perform. There are those used to promote, buy and sell products and give location of a firm. Thus due to difference in functions of the website, web design differ from each other. Difference in web design has led to development of different web design companies and difference in expertise where many web designs are gaining the skills to develop this designs to conform to different specifications of websites.

Web design has brought many advantages to both individuals and companies. Web design has brought about developed of many websites which businesses and firms use to their advantage. Web design has also brought about employment opportunity where DC web designers develop different web designs for different websites. Web design has also led to globalization where it has brought information gathering easy to people due to development of website for feedbacks. Globalization has been so because people are knowing information about another nation courtesy of web design which has developed websites for information sharing or online news watching.